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Pay Loans Today is a service that can match you with hundreds of direct lenders who provide their services online. Our payday lenders operate in the USA, Canada and the UK. You will get the money you need in a matter of minutes without leaving your home.

When one needs money to deal with some sort of emergency situation that requires fast solutions, pay loans may be of help. Pay loans are called emergency loans and are given for a short period of time, which usually is from to four weeks. Pay loans are to be repaid on the borrower’s next paycheck arrival. When money is needed today, they are probably the fastest source of money. Pay loans are known for their low requirements, fast loan processing as well as instant loan approval regardless of the borrower’s credit score. Also, they can be obtained much faster than regular loans from a bank or a credit union, which is particularly important when money is needed fast and there’s no time to waste on tedious and time-consuming paperwork, so much hated by many.

Where do I get a pay loan today?

As it has already been said, first step involves filling out pay loan today application form and submitting it to the lender in person or online via the lender’s website. Online pay loan today application form is rather short and simple. It requires that the borrower provides some basic personal information details such as mailing address, bank account number, etc. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete and submit pay loan today online application form. It’s worth noting that one will save much time and nerve, when he/she fills out an online loan application form only with accurate and up-to-date information. In doing so, one can be sure to eliminate any major paperwork further in pay loan approval process.

What happens after I submit my online pay loan application form?

After online pay loan application form has been submitted, it is given a careful but fast examination on the part of the lender. The lender verifies whether or not data provided by the borrower is accurate and on the basis of the borrower’s income information, the lender approves the loan. This process can take as little as from few minutes to few hours. The borrowers’ credit score isn’t a decisive factor in pay loan instant approval. Lenders approve pay loans today based on the borrower’s income amount and his/her capability to repay the loan in total. Bad credit score isn’t a disqualifying factor in online pay loans approval process.

When my pay loan today online is due?

Most frequently, online pay loans today are services rendered for a period of time, which isn’t shorter than two weeks and longer than four weeks. It isn’t, however, the rule. Prior to signing pay loan today agreement, the lender and the borrower discuss all the terms and conditions of rendered financial services, also loan repayment period. If it seems too short, one can always ask for extension of that period. It may however, be connected with additional costs. Nevertheless, it’s better to ask for extension of loan repayment period, rather than fail to repay it when it’s due. Failure to repay the loan in timely manner equals late payment fees.

How do I know if I qualify for a pay loan today online?

It’s very simple. There are only three basic requirements that all borrowers must fulfill. The requirements include legal age, which is eighteen and more, a bank account, which can be savings or checking, as well as a fixed income, which can come from a variety of sources, for instance pension, wages, benefits, etc. If one has no bank account, there are lenders who cater for those clients and offer pay loans today without bank account.

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Disclosure: Our lenders may offer you a loan with an APR ranging from 390% to 780% based on a two-week loan.
The APR on a short term loan represents the amount of your loan, cost of the loan and term of the loan. Example: You borrow $100 for two weeks. A lender can charge you a $15 fee, which means you will have to repay $115 to the lender at the end of the term. The cost of the $100 loan is a $15 finance charge, which anounts to an annual percentage rate of 391 percent. Loans on the lower end of the APR range may be for a larger loan amount and for a longer term. Loans on the higher end of the APR range may be for a smaller loan amount and for a shorter term. Depending on your credit needs, and desire to pay your loan off quickly, your lender may only offer you loans with an APR near the high end of the range displayed.


If you do not pay your loan according to its terms, your lender may: • Charge you late fees • Send your account to a collection agency • Report your information to a consumer reporting agency, which may negatively affect your credit score • Offer to renew, extend or refinance your loan, which may cause you to incur additional fees, charges and interest

We are not a lender. Only your lender can provide you with information about your specific loan terms and APR and the implications for non-payment of your loan. Ask your lender for their current rates and charges and their policies for non-payment.